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The Wander Life was founded in 2017 as a brand and travel company dedicated to providing information and highly curated experiences for travelers of color. Our goal was and still is to convert you to the ministry of Wander, help you live a wander-full life and provide experiences that stay with you forever.

As we continued to build capacity at The Wander Life we realized that there were some amazing people and companies doing similar work and instead of continuing to build new systems, structures, etc. it actually made more sense to take our teams talents and collaborate with others. 

Moving Forward, The Wander Life will no longer host any future trips to Havana, Cuba and we will shifting our focus to supporting and/or partnering with other travel companies and individuals who share our values.  

Below you can view the Our Collaborations that our team is partnering/collaborating with other travel companies on. This means that a Wander Life team member is co-leading/attending the trip OR that it's a Wander Life Certified DOPE trip that we think you should know about. 

    Our Values   

We Prioritize. 

We travel everywhere BUT we primarily travel to places where there is a significant population of people from the African diaspora. 


We Educate.

Wandering is not just so you can take drool worthy pics for the gram...even though we got you on that too! It's about seeing, tasting, smelling, experiencing, and learning new things that may change/challenge your current perspectives. Our pre travel briefings are full of information and activities provide ample opportunities to learn new facts, skills and push your understanding of the areas we are in. 

We Support.

On all of our trips we intentionally use local guides, eat in smaller family owned restaurants and generally patronize establishments that support the local economy. This means though in some places we travel where infrastructure may lack, or the tourist industry hasn't quite caught up to western standards, it could be the struggle. We hope that you embrace it and allow those times to add to your experience.

We Give Back. 

A majority of our travel is international which requires a passport. Acquiring a passport can be a large barrier for many. a portion of all of our proceeds go toward providing Wandergrants to young people of color, aged 13-18, who are looking for their first international travel experience. Wandergrants can cover anything from the cost of getting a passport to an entire trip.

We Are Real.

We love to travel, we love the transformative power travel has but travel is also just plain FUN. we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we are going to joke, party, co-sign a little debauchery but overall provide a supportive and loving environment the entire time you are with us.




Come with The Wander Life and T. Barnes Global Travel to Ghana for New Year's 2019.

Yes we are going to Afrochella!
Yes the accommodations are going to be on point!
Yes we are going to TURN UP!
Yes we are going to get some Sankofa on and connect with our collective histories!
Yes it is going to be a damn good time!
Yes there is a payment plan because we know how it is and we wouldn't do you like that!

Let's Get it!


Some Deets...
December 27, 2019-January 4, 2020
7 Nights Accommodations Included with Breakfast
Afrochella Admission
Day Trip to Cape Coast to the Slave Castles
Private Dinner Party and More!


$350 a Month (aka $175 a paycheck) March- December.


You ready or na?


You Ready...I can tell. Complete the Traveler Intake Form  and list The Wander Life as your Travel Ambassador


If you've got any questions or would like more details email info@thewander.life.

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